Ket Labs is devoted to promote the use of modern data science tools in traditional research.

  • In most cases PhD-students and Post-docs can work with the data they collect and learn the tools needed in industry at the same time

  • Data Science methods provide a unified way for handling data, being collected from a spectrometer, a street survey, presented as a text or images, and another source

  • Learning to use a free versatile tool (widely employed in industry) to handle different data types simplifies a transition and collaboration between fields and from academia to industry

  • Implementing a project in R language allows a researcher to share results in a reproducible form, and at the same time develops skills industry desires

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What do we do

  • We work with specialists from industry to identify the “essentials” every data scientist should know

  • At “Essential of Data Science” training we teach students to use R for handling different types of data and apply machine learning techniques. We discuss the typical projects in industry. The training is supported by Pivigo

  • We provide continued support for a project development after EDS training

  • Many of our students landed on Data Science positions after finishing their academic carrier or extended their training by participating in such programs as S2DS bootcamp or Insight.