Ket Labs is a growing community of professionals, scientists, and PhD students devoted to facilitate exchange of ideas between academia and industry. It is coordinated by Dr. Sergey Samsonau and supported by contributors and participants from various fields. At Ket Labs we are actively looking for new fields where modern data science methods can be applied and reveal results which otherwise cannot be achieved. We work closely with research institutions and data driven companies in order to make sure we use the modern solutions for data analytic needs.

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Sergey Samsonau, PhD

Sergey promotes modern tools in research and education both in Physics and Data Science. At Ket Labs Sergey teaches EDS as a major instructor and coordinates parts covered by invited instructors, making sure EDS training program is consistent and comprehensive.

Principal Consultant

Andi Shehu, PhD

Andi is CEO of Byteflow Dynamics, a data science consulting company based in NYC specializing in fast, reliable and simple solutions. Andi’s interest in data science comes from interdisciplinary fields such as medicine, physics, finance and higher education. LinkedIn

Invited Instructors

We welcome contributors from Industry and Academia. Some ideas can be covered by our previous students, who by now obtained new unique experience. Such contribution serves well to facilitate flow of ideas and knowledge. Please contact us if you would like to become a part of the process.

Matt Moocarme, PhD

Matt is a data scientist for Viacom’s Data Strategy team where he uses social media to determine and predict the success of Viacom’s branded campaigns. He received his Ph.D. in physics from The Graduate Center of CUNY in 2017, where he studied how and why the properties of light change as it passes through gold nanostructures. LinkedIn

Vincent Quenneville-Bélair, PhD

Vincent is currently an assistant professor of applied mathematics at Columbia University, and recently served as chief data scientist at Vizanda, a data startup developing a software to automatically learn from generic user input data in order to offer relevant visualizations and intelligent insights on the fly. LinkedIn

Denis Sharoukhov, PhD

Denis is working on image analysis of neuronal fiber bundles for his thesis work. He is utilizing open source programming on daily basis to extract patterns hidden in large data-sets. Image processing, statistical modeling, trend discovery and classification of data are the main components of his research. LinkedIn

Network of domain knowledge advisers

We benefit a lot from having participants being specialists in various fields: current and recent PhD students, Postdocs, and working professionals from CUNY, Columbia, NYU, and others

Participants implement projects in their field of expertise (domain) and if they wish, they become a part of a growing network of advisers, who can help you with an advice related to their field. At this moment, we can connect our future students to specialists working in:

  • Nano-science
  • Spectroscopy
  • Signal analysis
  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Neurobiology
  • Oceanography
  • Optical networks
  • Data Bases
  • Analysis of terrorist attack activity
  • Data Science for Gamers
  • Text analytics
  • Stock market analysis